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Converging Traditions

Meriam's jewelry captures her response to each material's cultural and geological history.  Besides color, texture and design, Meriam provides context--creating an interactive experience of learning and storytelling for the wearer.

Meriam lives in rural Alaska, where she grew up in an environment of artistic and entrepreneurial spirit.  She and her family feel privileged to experience such a unique, sustainable lifestyle.

 Meriam Linder

Even as I embrace modern materials, I favor Ice Age era bone and ivory, marvel at ancient artifacts, and am cowed by the timescale of gemstones.  I seek out and integrate these treasures--originating in nature, enhanced by time, interpreted and adapted by people. 

By bringing together past and present, old and new, near and far, I hope to inspire new connections and understanding.

At “the end of the road” in Homer, Alaska, I live life at a virtual crossroads.  I can enjoy a quiet, isolated lifestyle while participating in a vibrant, diverse community of world explorers. 

I delight in the art and lifetstyle traditions of indigenous Alaskans, and also explore and assimilate other styles and cultures.  I enjoy the journey of discovery as I forge my own traditions.


Converging Traditions  Meriam Linder  PO Box 2119  Homer, AK 99603

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